Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Practice Sending Blog from Blackberry

Monday I went walking in the beautiful Bernheim Forest. I just decided to walk as I pleased and not worry about the miles, so I just walked for four hours or so and enjoyed the time. I brought one of my trekking poles and found what a great help it is in walking up and down hills and jumping across streams. The photo is a sculpture in one of the gardens of a boy emerging from the stone. Reminds me of that Michaelangelo one--don't know the name.
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  1. Great job my tech-savvy mama! Thinking about you everyday and praying that this experience may be all that you hope and more.

  2. Hey, Walker! Haven't been writing much, but read, look & talk daily to a core of your closest fans; and now you are also in the movies. I imagine the daily plop of world news & tragedies fade from your view while you are honing in on the now: guy goes to a monestary, after 1 yr. silence gets to say 1 word to headmonk, "cold"; after 2 yrs. gets 2 words, "hard bed"; after 3 yrs. headmonk sez "you have to leave, you complain too much"
    How does it feel to be so open? - good health, d&l