Saturday, May 22, 2010

Almost to Pamplona- Trinidad de Arre

I learned something today: lesson #2, there is no "easy day" on the camino. Just because the way doesn't go way up or down, has nothing to do with the smoothness of the path! I experienced many kindnesses along the way and begin to see familiar faces over and over. Helga shared her bocadilla with me when there was no open bar for a meal. A Spanish man talked an official into stamping my credentiale, even though they were closed. I was even able to be a "camino angel" when I found a wallet on the path and was able to return it to a grateful bicyclist. You should have seen his happy face! The photo is of a picturesque ancient bridge leading to a church which has cared for peregrinos for many centuries. It is so peaceful here in the courtyard.
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  1. How did the knee go? Good people everywhere...including yourself! Must be an overwhelming, ongoing experience daily...the sights, sounds (or silence) and the people. Hope you listen to your body and take the trip accordingly. Time is on your side. Happy trails. Love, Leslie and Donald

  2. You said before you left that you would rest on Sundays - it may be that you warped your brain adjusting to the time difference, but it appears you are definitely walking on Sunday. That being the case, then you are just going have to stay 2 days in Pamplona. Perhaps even in a hotel with a bath so you can soak and rest your knee. Please do not tell me to 'go soak my head'

  3. Hi Bev,

    Glad all of us here at Ancient Kentucke group are able to follow your pilgrimage on your blog. Just think, many years ago such news would have taken years, even decades, for the information to get around the world. The blackberries here have long been in bloom; yours blooms daily.

    Just a thought…..

    Gertrude Stein once screamed at an audience, “What is the answer?”

    There was total silence.

    Stein then softly said, “Well then, what is the question?”

    From all I’ve come to know of you, I sense you have long been blessed with realizing what is the question.

    Good travels!


    PS We'll be viewing your travels today at the AKHA Meeting.

    PPS Don't forget, a leg when it hurts, loves rest.

  4. Sorry I posted the wrong photo and can't figure out how to fix it from the Blackberry. It will have to wait until I get home. Thanks so much for all your encouragement. It means so much!

  5. Hi Beverly-
    One of your pictures reminded me of a Beatles' song - the verse - the long and winding road that leads to your door - or something like that! I sang it probably 40 years ago when it was popular (and I such a wee child!) Ha!

    We just returned from our graduation trip to Colorado - my brother's son graduated from high school in Colorado Springs. Yesterday we did a very small hike up a canyon path not far from Pikes Peak. We walked only about 45 minutes - 25 minutes up and 20 minutes down! The weather was beautiful - we saw a couple of waterfalls, and I wondered what you were seeing. Now I know!
    Take care of your feet, knees and self!
    What are the sleeping arrangements? Have you had anything good to eat?