Friday, May 28, 2010


Don't you love the Spanish style doghouse in the photo? This scene was at the entrance to the town of Logrono. We are officially 395 miles to Santiago. It still seems impossibly far away. I am now traveling with a 64 year old Dutch woman. We keep meeting up with two delightful sisters who are from Dominican Republic but living in the US. They have walked the camino before, and they say they are walking this time in honor of the Black Madonna and asking for her help for them to start a school in DR. They are so much fun and know the best places for food and lodging. Everywhere they go they spread joy and laughter. I spoke with the older sister called Mercedes about her last camino. She is full of wisdom about the spiritual aspects of the walk. She said many people quit at Burgos. The contrast of being in the huge city and all its temptations causes many to question why they are doing this and they just go home. Burgos is about a week away. Today was the first day of overcast weather. There had been rain last night and the skies were cloudy. It was nice and cool for walking and never did rain but a few drops. It was also the first time we were turned away from an albergue because it was full. We found another one, but we are seeing more and more pilgrims on the roads. Lodging may become more of a challenge in the next few weeks.
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  1. LOVE the pic. You must be filled, every moment, with incredible splashes of color,fragrances and tastes. Your descriptions are wonderfully vivid and I imagine you happily soaking up each experience, landing in fulfilled exhaustion at the end of each day. The people you are sharing the experience with get from you the same glorious stories as you get from them. How tremendous. Do hope that the journey stays smooth and lodgings remain easily available. But, seems to me that you have an excellent handle on all of it. Here's to another joyous day. xo Leslie

  2. Bev, looks like you are a cult in your own time. We wait for the latest news from the front. Except for the electronic connection at the speed of light, it's almost like waiting for the next stage coach to bring us information; might even border on medieval. But Hark! the heath doth shine in the light of the Spanish moon as our collective heroine
    trods (?) the path to fulfillment, love and joy. Keep on Keepin' On. love donald

  3. In my book, Linda, Thomas and Donald have hit the mark 100%: "You have given up your comfortable chair", we "Love your spirit" and the full moon was beautiful here in Kentucky, so I must think, "the heath doth shine in the light of the Spanish moon as our collective heroine trods" was true. The challenge of lodging may be material for your next novel when the albergue is full! What a spirit, I am so blessed from being part of your life. Please enjoy a glass of wine with Mercedes – listening to her must open an intensity of strength you never knew you had. Did Leslie get it right? Are you, “landing in fulfilled exhaustion at the end of each day?”

  4. Bev
    We await your every word. I was thinking yesterday how beautiful the country side must be and wondered how it would compare to the colors I saw while in South America. I see that it is full of color and flowers. Wishing for wonderful weather, and good accommodations for the rest of your trip.

  5. Bev...Just a quick note to encourage you & spur you forward through the temptations of the big city lights! Drive your "shoe-debakers" right on through Burgos...Jim :)

    " later times some will fall away..." (1 Timothy 4:1)

    "...the one who perseveres to the end will be saved..." (matthew 24:13)

  6. Jim, some do indeed drive through, or rather ride through on a bus. But Mercedes says, metaphysically speaking, that that is kind of cheating. Like Pilgrim's Progress, we must face temptation and overcome!