Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Camino Frances

Here is a simple map to follow as I make my way along the camino.


  1. Your map shows you go through Pamplona! Perhaps your journey may take much longer than originally planned if you stay to run with the bulls on July 6, or is that just for insane men?

  2. ... and a host of cyber peregrinos will be following you as you walk this ancient path!
    Buen camino,
    u abrazo,

  3. Well, Rog, I will be going through Pamplona, but not in July, Inshallah. And yes it is just for insane and extremely inebriated men, I hear. I was just reading about a similar festival in another town, except it is the "running of the cows", and I understand you have to chase the heifers instead of them chasing you. Much more civilized, I'd say!
    Sil, the kindness of my fellow cyber peregrinos is overwhelming already, and I haven't even hit the road, yet.

  4. Well, I haven't seen a posting since you presumably left on Saturday. Here's hoping that you made your flight and that all is going well on your camino.

  5. Hello Beverly!
    Did you make it to Paris yesterday? Or tomorrow? This month's issue of Bon Appetit had a wonderful article about the Galician region of northwestern Spain, to include some recipes and restaurants they recommend! Are you interested?

  6. Mary Beth, as you can see by the below entry, I was advised by Ben to wait until Tuesday to attempt to fly out, so I'm just on hold now.But it looks good for tomorrow.

  7. So glad you made the early flight to Paris, but is it true you went 1st class?? Wow - now that you are spoiled, you may never fly again on free 'mil-air'. Hope you enjoyed the food, wine and luxury seating.