Sunday, May 30, 2010


We walked a short day and arrived in Najera about noon. This is quite a large town on a river and it seemed everyone was out for a Sunday stroll along the banks, lying in the shade or having cafe con leche at tables outside the bars. Sorry to call them bars because that has a certain connotation in America that is not quite right here. A bar is where you go for a glass of wine or beer, but also for coffee or a juice drink, or to eat a light meal. It is the meeting place of a town, a place to sit and talk for a long while. The photo shows a welcoming sign for peregrinos to stop and rest, and spend some money! And we did!
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  1. Hi there peregrina - I have read all your posts and it sounds as though you are doing just fine! So pleased the knee healed and that you have found your own rhythm and own pace. You must feel as though you are living your dream - following in the footsteps of millions that have gone before, and setting down your own footprints for others to follow.
    When you get to Burgos (don't you dare quit there!) take a day out to visit Santo Domingo do Silos to the home of the famous Gregorian Chants.
    Big hug!

  2. Each day passes by
    And we turn the page
    Wonderful day passing your way
    All on life’s stage.

    Tell us what you see beyond the bend
    Walking with each new friend
    Take the time stop; see them chant
    Never come back and say “I can’t.”

    Sil has it right - please take a day out to visit Santo Domingo do Silos.

  3. Walking along a highway in a busy city must have been total culture shock. But abit of reality of the true world can't hurt. Puts it all in perspective. Hope you do have a day respite and soak in some of the local goings on. And rejuvenate the body. We think about you daily and so you are in the west coast Furnival thoughts a lot. Donald and I share your experiences with our friends. You are world famous. Should add another smile to your face.
    Love, Leslie

  4. Hi Bev, Praying for you every day. Looking forward to your posts so much. Your accomplishment is inspiring beyond words.
    God be with you, Linda

  5. Sil, I will take your advice and stop by Santo Domingo do Silos. I am a big fan of them. And I wouldn't think of quiting at Burgos. But forewarned is forearmed. Thank you all again for your kind thoughts and prayers.