Sunday, May 30, 2010


We left Logrono this morning and it seemed to take for ever to get out of the city, through the suburbs and industrial parks. We had to walk a long way alongside a major highway. The city was so jarring after days of walking in the peaceful countryside. The photo shows a fence that separates the camino from the freeway where peregrinos have fashioned thousands of crosses from whatever is at hand and put them on the fence. So, of course I had to do the same. We are now in the little town of Ventosa in a beautifully restored albergue. Tomorrow I will take pictures of it. My friend, Truus, has had a bad fall today, and we are thinking of taking an easy day tomorrow and just going 10 km to Najera and getting a real private room for a day and relaxing. Camino veterans always recommend this and I think I need a day's break. We have another couple of German boys in our room tonight. I swear I should have studied German instead of Spanish!
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  1. Fahren Sie langsam, aber bitte denken Sie daran, einfach weiter voran! Vor allem erinnere mich an die Reise genießen und kümmern uns um Ihre kostbaren Füße.

  2. Danke shoen fur den vorschlag!

  3. Your post made me think of Newark Abbey, a Benedictine monastedry right in the heart of urban Newark, New Jersey. In the Rule of St. Benedict, he advised setting up monastic communities away from secular society, where prayer & meditation can more easily flourish...but the monks at Newark Abbey have found their calling serving (and praying for) their neighbors amidst the hustle & bustle of the mean streets of Newark...