Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am humbled by all your comments and good wishes. I would like to answer each one but am limited in megabites, so will have to send out a general THANKS! This is a photo of me at the Irache Bodega or vineyards where the owners have been so kind as to have an open tap of their wine for peregrinos. They also have a web cam of all the folks who stop by so they can make sure there is no abuse of the privilege and so you might be able to see us indulge in a taste of excellent Rioja vino. Go to We had a beautiful day. You must be praying hard for good weather for us. We are now at an albergue at a little town on a hill called Villamajor de Monjardin. It is a donativo albergue which means we pay what we can and what seems right. It is quite primitive. There are 18 mattresses on a platform. A German man lies to my right, Nora to my left, a Brazilian boy beyond her. There are two other Americans here, two sisters from the Dominican Republic, a few Frenchmen, an Austrian, assorted Spaniards and Italians. We communicate with each other in a polyglot of what one pilgrim called "peregrino talk." It includes a lot of hand gestures! I don't believe I have ever taken out my Spanish phrase book. It is marvelous!
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  1. Mighty Fine - Mighty Fine!
    Drink the wine and sleep some time
    You look joyous and sublime
    The rigors of the path have no hold
    And on your own again – you have become bold!

  2. You look so happy! Nothing like a glass of wine to warm the soul and chill you out. Now I could be wrong, but it looks like your hat and shirt are a lovely baby blue color....fashionista! Lots of different kinds of people around. Lots of stories to be told later. I imagine that you are keeping a diary in your "spare time". Hope so...we all need to know the finer details eventually. Keep on truckin'. The journey awaits. Love, Leslie

  3. Bev come home, you are having too much fun.

  4. Bev, what a wonderful experience to follow your travels. Everyday is a pure blessing to read and to be with you. Linda

  5. Two thoughts occur, Bev...both of them Biblical. One, it sounds like with the different languages & nationalities you're exposed to & the need you all have to communicate despite the language barriers, the polyglot experiences you speak of call to mind the event of Pentecost (Acts 2), the theme of this past Sunday's worship. Two, the winetap made available to all you pilgrims so all could drink your fill reminds me of Jesus at the wedding in Cana (John 2), where He overcame a shortage of wine by providing plenty for everyone there...and good wine, too!

    Your pilgrimage brings me both joy & envy. I am trodding your path vicariously, thanks to your inspiring words. Vaya con Dios...