Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cizur Menor

Today's walk was just about 11 kilometers along city streets through Pamplona to the outskirts and a quiet little albergue in Cizur Menor. I have found a walking companion in Nora from Heidelberg. She used to climb the Himalayas until she had a stroke and is determined to do the Camino for a comeback. There are so many stories along the Camino: Compostela Tales, with a nod to Chaucer. The old town of Pamplona is very run-down. But then why would you want to fix it up when you have a herd of bulls and very drunk men tear through it every year? What Disney could do with this place...just kidding. Well, tomorrow we tackle the Alto del Perdon, the Mount of Forgiveness. We had a pilgrim mass this morning, and I stopped in a church in Pamplona to pray, for good measure. Your prayers will be appreciated, too, as Nora and I seek penance at the top of the mount in the photo. I hope to send a better photo from the top tomorrow!
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  1. Great pic. Looks like quite a climb is ahead of you. In awe of what you are tackling day by day. Lots of prayers going your way for the strenghth and fulfillment of what you are seeking. Wonderful to have a walking much to share in the moment. Love from the west coast Furnival family.
    xo Leslie

  2. I like the weather I see from your picture. I am looking out the window Sunday evening as we wait for the snow to begin. Here it is May and we have yet to finish with the cold weather. So enjoy the warmth, the sunshine and the pursuit of your dream! Solo se vive tu sueno cada muerte de un obisbo. Love, Sharon

  3. Bev
    It is an adventure just reading your blogs. I can’t wait to get in from work to see where you are each day. How do you paint such a picture using so little words? Take you time and smell the rose’s as you go. Praying that each day is a new and fresh adventure.

  4. Bev -- ask Nora about the walk up Philosopher's Way....I did it once and that was enough! Hang in there and hope the knee is just going through a phase and will get warmed up and have you skipping by tomorrow!