Monday, April 26, 2010

La Penitente

I didn't do the mini-marathon. I got the packet and the bib and the t-shirt the day before, but was divided on whether I really would go because the weather prediction was severe thunderstorms all day long with possible tornado conditions. When the alarm sounded at 4:15 am, I looked out the window at the pouring rain, imagined fighting the traffic of cars of 15,000 crazy marathon people, finding my way to shuttle buses with 15,000 other people, only to walk for hours in a drenching rain, and... well, I wimped out. But darned if the weather didn't clear and become overcast for the rest of the morning, perfectly respectable weather for walking.

So, I feel bad and have to do penance. Tomorrow I will do my own mini-marathon, rain or shine.

I have my new boots and my new orthotics and have pretty well broken them in. Lift-off time is less than three weeks away. I am very grateful that I changed my original plans to go in April because the Iceland volcano would have put the kabosh on that. I only hope that the backlog of folks trying to get home from Europe and to Europe will have thinned out by May 16th.

I am getting a bit panicky with so many loose ends to tie up before I go. Bills and  other obligations to hand off to others. Little odds and ends of things to buy. Figuring out how to blog and post through my BBerry. Practicing my essential French and Spanish. Researching how to get from de Gaulle airport to the correct train station. Je veut acheter un billet-simple pour Bayonne. Ou et le ATM? Hola peregrino! Buen Camino. Soy americana de Kentucky. Hace muchos cabellos rapidos!


  1. I discovered your blog through your comment on the site of the Solitary Walker and I'm looking forward to following your camino. I have a lift-off time just two weeks after yours, but in a different location. At sixty-seven, I am planning to trek across England, from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. My experiences will be recorded on my blog site, "Transit Notes," at If you check it out, you will see that we have some of the same interests. In any event, good luck! I look forward to reading the accounts of your journey, both the inward and the outward.

  2. Don't worry too much about the loose ends mom--you have a support system at home that will figure out whatever needs done. You are the glue that holds this family together, this is true, but this is your time that you have earned, so don't try not to fret. Step out in faith and the rest will take care of itself!