Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Papa John Ten-Miler

I completed the Papa John Ten-Miler on Saturday in Louisville. That is all I can say...I completed it. It took me three hours and ten minutes. That's a nineteen minute mile. Well, let's put it this way: the traffic control guy was right behind me picking up the cones until I did manage to pass a few other "dawdlers." I swear there were a bunch of people behind me until the drenching rains came. My theory is they all gave up and went home, leaving me as the last of the determined ones. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Il faut aller doucement does not apply to this kind of race, but I really did want to see how I would do walking in the manner I plan to walk on the Camino. The rain came somewhere between the second and third mile. It was a little chilly, but no big deal. I had to smile as I came up to a couple of young boys who were laughing hysterically at their wet condition. One turned to me and said, "I got drenched back there!" as if he were the only one who had found himself in that situation.

I have been finding lately that my shoes are not as comfortable as they once were. (In fact, during the walk I had a severe pain in the ball of my left foot for several miles.) So I went to Foot Solutions in Elizabethtown last week to have it checked out. The folks there were great and spent a couple of hours with me. In the end, I am getting new orthotics and new boots. My old boots were a size too small. Maybe they were always too small, or maybe my feet are bigger. Who knows? I should have them in two weeks, with enough time to break them in before I leave. I hope they come before the mini-marathon on April 19th.


  1. Boots can Kill a pilgrimage stone dead. For British pilgrims there is the additional problem of Spain being much walmer that the UK. So boots that are great here are too small there, as the feet swell with the heat. So you well not to hope things will work out. Hope you are now sorted

  2. Well, I got my orthotics today and a new pair of boots. So, as I break them in, I hope things will be "sorted out." Kentucky in the spring will give me enough heat to test out the swelling feet. Thanks for the advice.