Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We had a pretty short walk today of only about 15km. We found a luxurious albergue hidden behind a fine hotel and so far only about 8 women have arrived. The other pilgrims may have all stopped at the main one, so we might have it all to ourselves. The first photo is taken from the second floor window of an albergue: a typical scene as pilgrims start their day, wishing each other "buen camino", and then setting off at their own pace. The second photo is of the terrace at our "secret" albergue. We had cerveses and ensalada mixt there a few hours ago. Now is siesta time. We must prepare for the morrow-- three tall peaks to reach before descending to San Juan de Ortega. This town's name, Villafranca, came from the French peregrinos who returned to settle here after their pilgrimage; immigrants who liked what they saw and came to stay. The Montes de Oca which we will climb tomorrow, were once the wild habitat of bandits who would prey on the pilgrims passing through. Hopefully, times are better now. The only bandits around these days are the ones charging outrageous prices for bottled water!
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  1. Standing Tall and Looking Good - GO-GIRL-GO! Villafranca certainly seems like a place you may want to revisit in a few years for a true vacation. Just think you are getting the best perspective for future trips! Everyone knows you are going back.

  2. This is a book in the making. You are a dedicated reader. When you return home, please become a dedicated writer. Stories abound filled with miracles, friendships and sights, sounds and tastes of the journey. How grand this experience. Thank you for being in the forefront and letting us all second hand go for the ride. Really happy you and Nora connected. You are ready for whatever comes your way and God is providing many miracles for you! Enjoy.
    Love, Leslie

  3. Your posts have become a joyful morning reading ritual. Thank you for sharing a piece of each day's adventure.