Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pilgrim Benediction

I just returned from a pilgrim benediction, one of several I have attended over the last month. It is always in an old church and always conducted in as many languages as are represented in the congregation. This particular one had a prayer written by St. Nicholas of Flue. I don't know who he is, but I want to find out because I love this prayer:

My Lord and my God,
Take everything from me that keeps me from Thee.
My Lord and My God,
Give everything to me that brings me nearer to Thee.
My Lord and my God,
Take me away from myself
And give me completely to Thee.
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  1. Has it really been a month?? What an accomplishment!
    What a beautiful Benediction.
    I missed a few days of your blog, but have read all and completely caught up now. Been busy with Stella and Chloe and family. It is the last week of school and lots of performances to attend. Leo turned one yesterday and is now walking. He is the darling of the family. Here in LA the weather is actually the opposite of Kentucky. June gloom in the AM(fog for those non LA persons) and, by the beach, sunny and high 60s for the rest of the day. I hope that your days are filled with LA type weather.
    Your glorious experiences come daily. What a special moment to reach the top of the hill and the cross. I can only imagine the joys and personal feelings that you have ongoing. In between the new friendships, sights and feelings, what wonderful opportunities for those moments of deep reflections. My thoughts go to you often, during the day. You are a true inspiration. Love, Leslie

  2. You have stood at the crossroads and looked; you found the ancient paths, asked where the good way is, and walked in it, and now you found rest for your soul. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. As Leslie said, you are a true inspiration.

  3. I think this will make an excellent tattoo mom when you are ready for your next adventure :)love,

  4. I like the prayer too Beverly. I will pass it on to our pastor.

  5. Ha! Very funny, Nat Where shall I put it?!
    Hi, Hank. It is a brave prayer, too.