Saturday, June 19, 2010


The photo is of a Spanish style tortilla. My friends thought I was crazy taking a picture of it, but we had a big discussion with Gabriella, my Argentinian-Mexican friend, about it: how it is pronounced in Spain, in Argentina (tortisha), and in Mexico and what it is made of. Here they are giant omelettes full of potatoes. I love them and wish I knew how to make them. Anyway, today was more of the usual routine of stuffing the sleeping bag, filling the water bottle, reviewing the guide book, finding the yellow arrows, walking, stopping for cafe con leche, finding an albergue, washing clothes, etc. All the days and pathways and albergues and castles are swirling and dancing in my head like sugarplums. Yesterday's village seems as far away in time as the one two weeks ago. The only time that seems real is today. The weather is good and we are one day closer to Santiago!
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  1. Yummmm! Looks delicious. I am a big fan of potatoes and eggs, no matter how cooked.
    Today is the real time, anyway. The past is stored for future reference and joins the rest of the past, which makes us who we are in the current moment! Just think, when you started your journey there was no routine. It was a daily learning event till the pattern was acqired. Here you are living a life of a routine that is familiar as those you live at home in Kentucky. Look forward to each new day, with you, as you finsh your final lap towards your exciting goal. Really glad the weather is in your favor. Love, Leslie

  2. Hi - I have been following your blog, (lurking for a while) and enjoying the walk with you - i walked in 2007. If you would like a recipe for the tortilla, I have one - I learned it when I took a training to be a hospitera in London Ontario. I hope to work at an albergue next spring. email me at and I will send it to you.
    buen Camino Darlene

  3. Thank you, Darlene. I would love to have the recipe. I will email you. Best wishes as a hospitalera. You will be a blessing to many peregrinos, I am sure.
    Leslie, I'll give you the recipe, too!

  4. Your stuffing the sleeping bag, filling the water bottle, reviewing the guide book (OPORD), finding the yellow arrows and walking has everything but the weapons and ammo check to match the never ending “daily patrol” of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan – they are really all the same. More importantly, do you think if all the @%$#%$# ‘World Leaders’ and politicians took the pilgrimage and shared Trabadelo recipes on the internet we might have a shot at world peace? This question is way beyond your blog, but what a thought! Soldier on – Hauptman – Soldier on.