Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carrion de las Condes

I walked about 25 kilometers today; that's 16 miles to my reckoning. The skies were mercifully overcast which helped immensely, but it is a known fact that they make the last 5km longer than the first 5 in Spain! I am staying in an actual nunnery tonight, an albergue provided by the Order of St. Clare or Santa Clara, companion of St. Francis. As I was checking in, there was a camera crew filming something about the Camino, and the Spanish hospitalero and I had to redo the checking in scene three times, where he was fake-stamping my credential and explaining about how they have a microwave and where to wash your clothes. There I was dead on my feet, anxious to find a place to flop down, smiling and exclaiming about their wonderful amenities three times over. Hey, I had to come all the way to Spain to get my big break in the movies! Tomorrow there are reports of possible thunderstorms on the Meseta. I don't mind rain, but lightening on the plains--maybe not so good a place to be walking. We'll just have to wait and see what the morning brings.
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  1. You are about half way to your goal and are able now to take pride in your journey and the soon right to wear the cockleshell. Are you allowing your intuition to tell you what is behind what your eyes see and ears hear? Can you tap into the presences of the many souls who have traveled over the centuries? Is there an egregore, a group of living and non-living entities, who bless and protect pilgrims? Identify with them, with the egregore. Martha Jean and I wish you all success in the remaining half of your journey.

  2. When distinguished Karl finished his blog lesson (BTW-he is 84 and 1st time on a computer - he beat it like a a guy on a winning streak in Las VEgas), I had a burning question, “What is an Egregore?” Well don't look in the dictionary because you probably won't find it. The closest Latin root to be found is: "egregius", meaning distinguished or illustrious. That does not sound related or add much to our search. Most of the material found here is taken from internet sources, mostly from Rosicrucian and general mystical sites. An accepted definition would be: It is the psychic and astral entity of a group. It is a kind of group mind which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose. Each of us belong to several of these groups. The process is unconscious.

    Wow! That certainly reminds me of you and the places you were in prior to coming into my life on this planet!

    Once again, about all I can say is GO-GIRL-GO!

  3. Bev, 25 kilometers that must meet or surpass your goal to speed up a little. But I know you are thinking about pacing yourself. Never again will you have this opportunity, so don't think about home or the end, just think about today and the glorious path that you have been blessed to follow. I love thinking about the spirit of those that have gone before you. Just think of those innocent and pristine souls that walked this path. When you are sitting in your rocking chair at age 95 you will reminisce of the Spiritual Journey of 2010. Love and Prayers, Linda

  4. Hey Bev. Sorry I missed a couple of blog days. I finally felt well enough to get out and do errands, etc and did not have the energy to get on the computer at the end of the day. I had walking pneumonia. And how silly, since you are doing the walking and I was down in bed. But, I am now caught up on my readings and so glad that all continues well...step by step. Your decision to go at your own pace seems right for you. The finish line is around the corner. But the journey seems so incredible. Maybe a pool in your beautiful yard is in the future. Who knows...
    Stay healthy and steadfast. Following you all the way! Love, Leslie

  5. There is most definitely a spirit of common souls in this place. They call it esprit de chemin. It is a common bond among the pilgrims that is felt immediately and is expressed when we say "buen camino" to each other. It connects us also with all those who have gone before. And there are many, many stories of "camino angels". I have experienced this myself and will tell the stories some other time. Welcome to the internet, Karl! As you suggest, I am trying to see the world behind the world every day.