Sunday, June 27, 2010


We walked our next to last long day today in eucalyptus forests and among masses of blooming hydrangea. We are in a little town and just 25 km frm Santiago. We plan to go to Monte de Gozo tomorrow (Mount of Joy) where the pilgrims could get their first glimpse of the church spires of Santiago. There is now a massive albergue there, and we will stay there in our last albergue experience before descending the last 5 kilometers to Santiago early Tuesday morning.
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  1. Been away for couple days. Granddaughters slept over and Scott here. Non stop...nowhere near computer. So, just got filled in on your latest expeditions. Good the "mice" story.
    And so the end is near. So much joy in all our hearts, for you. What seemed impossible is becoming a reality. That's what dreams are for....coming true. We will all shed tears of joy for this to happen! Really happy that you are finding the comforting sleeping arrangements. At this point in time, this is well deserved (not that it wasn't at all the other times). But, guess you needed to have both sides of the coin. Roger says " go,girl, go". I say "finish line waiting for you, Turtle".
    Love, Leslie

  2. Thank you, Leslie. I am looking forward to seeing my granddaughters too. Can hardly believe it is almost over.

  3. Graddaughters are doing fine - both Sophia and Skyler just had baths and are looking real good. Tomorrow is our big adventure getting to the airport in Dallas and on to Louisville. Now I need the prayers.

  4. I will pray for you! Can't wait to see you all!

  5. Sophia and Skyler are sleeping soundly like the snoring and gaseous people in albergues but they are actually in Gene and Sharon’s room. They traveled hard and long today and Sophia was completely stellar in her helpfulness and creative conversation. She is absolutely 6 going on 9! Equally noteworthy, Alex’s reception when we pulled into the garage was without a doubt the finest ever given at this humble estate. He was 100% in good form, took complete control of the situation and the girls squealed in delight as he immediately put them to bed at 30 minutes past midnight. His Air Force Officer Leadership skills shown brightly in his ability to overcome chaos with pinpointed and extremely well performed action.

  6. Hi Beverly!
    I am writing this from your house so I do not know if I will be able to send it or not. I may have to go out, log on with my email address - who knows?
    Sophie and Skylar are just beautiful - we are putting clothes away, coloring and using stickers to beautify their pages!
    Hope to see you soon!
    We are going to try to bake cookies in a little while - should be fun, I hope!

  7. Just talked to Roger and he is calm and happy. Everyone is getting ready for the big moment when you return. Do wish that Donald and I could be at your welcoming home event. I know that having your granddaughters there will be the shining moment, along with all the others. I imagine that you are taking your final steps toward the finish. Look forward to the details of those precious moments. Been incredible taking this journey with you. Thanks for it all! Love, Lesle

  8. All I can say is AHHHHH.... The picture makes me feel a sense of peace and beauty. I imagine you are having mixed feelings of gratitude for having been able to complete your journey and sorrow that the experience is soon to be in the past. These are the kind of moments where I like to stop and look at everything around me to try and make a memory that will last. Trying to remember the sounds, the smells, the vista and my own feelings of that moment. It is history lived and now a part of who you are. A moment in time. Congrats Babs. You did it!