Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Rabanal is the small town before we ascend to the highest peak on the camino where the Cruz de Ferro was placed almost a thousand years ago. The ascent is not really too steep because we are already on a high plateau. The weather is bleak, however, and the temperature is predicted to be about 4 degrees Celsius, somewhere in the high 30's tomorrow. But the next day they are predicting sunshine and good weather.
I met up with Truus again, and we just found out that Nora has already climbed the mountain, so we may see her tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have walked with the most delightful young woman who is shown in the photo cutting up with Truus. We have had such fun today with her! Her name is Dilek, a Turkish name that means "wish. " She is Turkish-German, and we really are simpatico when it comes to things spiritual. She is really funny, too!
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  1. WOMAN OF LA MANCHA - Enjoy the cool clime as you ascend the highest peak to the heavens. Kentucky is now 100% Muggyville, USA. Swarmy doesn’t do it justice; it is just plain hot, humid, muggy and buggy. Being a little cool while you walk seems much better than the BIG SWELTER of here. Anyway, glad to see you are having fun! Perhaps now you will take time for an adult beverage and a little local color. GO-GIRL-GO!

  2. Bev I am glad your weather is cool and calm. As Roger said Ky. is 100% hot and muggy. Sounds like you are being your usual self and making friends at each and every turn of the road. Speaking of friends I was just visiting with Al Lawrence at the hospital his knee replacement went well. He has been up on it a little and has started therapy. Ara (sp) told me she was enjoying reading your blog but was still not sure as to how to blog back to you. I told her the best I could but my tech savvy is also limited. Marvin

  3. Hi Bev, and Marvin this is meant for you too. Tonight Bro Jim, Kay and I met for the second meeting of the BUMC Writers Group. Mary Beth is a member too, but she couldn't be there this time. Bev I hope when you get home and settled you will join us and think about writing down your thoughts on the trip. Marvin, we think you have a book in you, hope you can both join us in July. It will be in the church bulletin.

    Bev, I like your friend Dilek, she is so bright and looks like she is so optimistic and fun.
    God Be With You, Linda

  4. Ah! Found it! Drove thru terrible storm returning home from the hospital. Radio named all the areas for which I was headed. Breathed a big sign upon turning into Doe Valley. Al better today; more intensive therapy starts tomorrow. We'll see! Your travels are exciting; am so in "in awe of you" Be safe. Love, A & A

  5. A writers' group sounds great! What fun! I will look forward to that. Good to hear from you, Ara, and glad Al is doing OK. Cool is definitely better than muggy. Sunny sounds really good is this cold albergue with wet clothes, though. Linda, Dilek is just as you describe. I wish you could meet her. You would fall in love with her immediately!