Sunday, June 6, 2010


We had a beautiful day for walking. The sky was overcast and the air was fresh--perfect walking weather. Some say the Meseta is the most beautiful part of the camino. Others say it is boring. I will hold off judgment for now, but this day we had a level walking path, sky as big as Montana's and birdsong everywhere. The overcast sky and the treeless rolling hills reminded me of the Scottish moors and the green waves of grain reminded me of Meade County. Then we came into a pretty little town with a castle ruin on a hill. The photo is of a magical spring we passed on the way at San Bol. The saying is that if you put your feet in the spring, all your foot problems will be healed. As it was a bit nippy and I didn't have any foot problems at the moment (milagro) I passed up the offer. We also passed through an old pilgrim hospital at San Anton. They say that the nuns there were able to cure the gangrenous malady called St. Antony's Fire by using the power of love. I believe in that.
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  1. Keep it up! People are reading your melodious words out loud in the hallways at BUMC. Everyone is telling me what a wondrous writer you are. Perhaps Paulo Cohelo had it right and this Camino de Santiago is just the transition you needed to launch yourself into doing what you always wanted to do: namely being a writer. Have you seen Alfred Lee’s statement on his Facebook, remember Don Cummer’s comments, or Leslie’s insight? Perhaps you are finally starting to live your destiny instead of your density. GO-GIRL-GO!

  2. Dearest Bev, The message in church today was "Let's Make a Deal". Barrett Howard the youth minister preached while Bro Jim is on vacation. I sat there thinking, if I were Bev I would be making a deal with the Lord everyday. "Please, Lord, just get me over this next hill and I will....!" I am sure as you continue on your legs get stronger and the walk seems a little easier-at least I hope so. God be with you friend, and thank you again for taking some of us along with you on your wonderful journey. Linda