Saturday, June 26, 2010


Here is how the Camino works: you are presented with challenges and if you have faith and gratitude you overcome the challenges, and things work out better than you could have ever imagined. The fact that the regular albergues were full, forced us to find other resources, which led us to this beautiful Bed and Breakfast type room in an old Spanish home. The photos show our "sitting room" and a gorgeous hydrangea bush outside our window.
We have heard so many stories of challenges people have faced on the Camino which were the exact lessons needed for their lives. There have been so many opportunities to give a kindness or receive a kindness that means so much along the way. For example, one day I glanced down and picked up a piece of paper--just litter I thought--that had some maps and information on it. Five or ten minutes down the road, a woman was walking towards me with a very concerned look on her face. I asked if she had lost something and, you guessed it, it was that very piece of paper I had picked up. Her "bible" as she called it. Just a little thing, but there are so many little stories like that.
As you can see, I am feeling much better about our last days on the Camino, and excited about being united with many of our walking companions in Santiago. I hope we will find Dilek there. (She found a nice group of young people in Triacastela that she started walking with and we wished her all the best.) We also hope to meet Mercedes and Maitreya there. Maybe even Nora. Anything is possible on the Camino!
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  1. I am sharing in your excitement! I can't imagine the emotions. I'm just so proud of you. Buen, Buen Camino,