Monday, June 7, 2010


Two photos are attached today, one of the view from the top of the last hill we will climb until after Leon when we enter Galicia. The other is a view of the outside of the loveliest albergue yet. I want our backyard to look like this! Right now we are sitting there discussing our future plans. Truus and Nora had a hard time today on the Meseta and are talking about taking the bus to Leon. As far as I am concerned, that is not an option for me. I also have a deadline to be getting home, with my granddaughters coming to visit at the end of the month, so I need to start lengthening my walking day, if possible. It will mean getting up earlier and getting more kilometers under my belt before the heat of the day. So I am afraid I will have to part from my friends and turn over a new leaf in the book of my Camino adventures. Every day we face the unknown on the Camino, not knowing what the path will be like, what new people we will meet, where or how pleasing the food or the bed will be. We just go in faith that it will all work out. I ask again for your prayers on the Meseta, that I will be strong and able to cross it without tiring too much, and be able to find accommodations after a long day. Gracias!
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  1. Beverly,
    We want you to know you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We are tech challenged but have tracked your journey on facebook. You are missed! Roger has kept us well-informed of your activites. You should have seen him Saturday in the church kitchen helping with bereavement lunch cleanup. He was a real warrior, equipped with an apron&dish cloth.
    We pray for strength and God's blessings for you as you step up your pace.

  2. Bev
    WOW what a view. Two things come to mine as I look at your first picture from the top of your climb (1) The window from the rear of the mission compound in Venezuela, Everyone thought I had lost all my vocabulary except the word WOW because that was the word that came out of my mouth me every time I went past that window. (2) A view in Meade county out on a little country road called Fackler Road “of all things”. A view I was treated to every time I would be walking or riding home from visiting one of my cousin’s. Know that you are in my prayers as you step out. Marvin

  3. Thank you Brian, Martha and Marvin. The beauty of the countryside is hard to capture in a photo, let alone the sounds and smells. Your prayers have given me a nice overcast day for my long walk. See what you can do about requesting another one for tomorrow, okay?

  4. Go BABA Go! You don't need to stinkin' bus--pain is just an interesting sensation, right? I repeat this to myself when I do my runs now. You are doing great--we are all so proud. Prayers for strong feet and cloudy skies--check!
    love you,