Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ventas de Nuna

I am about halfway to Palas de Reis. In the morning we passed through Portomarin. The ancient town is now buried under a reservoir, so the town we saw is relatively new. I must say, it was a refreshing change. It was tastefully rebuilt with modern streets and shops, and I believe they took the old church, stone by stone, and moved it to the top hill of the town. As much as we revere the ancient things, new can be wonderful, too!
There are milestones-or should I say kilometer stones- every half kilometer now, measuring the distance to Santiago. We just past the #77. (I just asked Truus what the number was, and when she said "77" she started to sing 77 Sunset Strip and we reminisced about Cookie and his big hair and getting your kicks on Route 66. Some things are universal!)
The weather has been hot. Everyone when passing, instead of saying "Buen Camino", is saying "Mucho Calor!" This is unusual for rainy, misty Galicia. But then unusual is the norm these days. The photo is of a terrace in Portomarin. Flowers, flowers, everywhere.
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  1. Steve Walker always said you were a “Flower Child” at heart and there you are seeing flowers, flowers, everywhere when I bet the huge majority of the new pilgrims are too busy on their cell phone or blackberry texting or twittering to the world “Look at Me! Look at Me!” to actually capture the moment as you do. Keep singing with life because that is what you do best. Your inspiration to us all is back and your message has a good feel to it. Are you going to finish the last kilometer on your hands and knees or is that just a rumor?

  2. Love the pics of the old chestnuts trees and of the vibrantly, colorful flowers. Donald has decked out our patio with loads of planters and the flowers crawl over the railing with the same kind of effect as your pic. I have a feeling of beauty surrounding me. You are taking all the beauty in and will carry it inside you forever.
    I imagine that all the people suddenly invading your tranquil walk, is abit disconserting. But, seems like you have figured out how to keep you focus on the beauty of where you are and where you are going. So, all just part of the experience. As are the different weather patterns, terrians, people, rest stops, foods, etc, etc. So much to assimilate. Keep it up. Goal is in sight! Love, Leslie

  3. Bev,
    Sorry to be absent. I have been busy with my own "camino". There are certainly some beautiful vistas. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad side of all of this. Hope you are keeping your spirits up. How much further do you have to go? Is it just the 77 kilometers you mentioned and then you are at the finish line? Is the last of the camino more of a downward slope instead of uphill? Sharon

  4. Hello Pilgrim, that is my John Wayne impression. Oh you are getting so close. I wish we could all be there to celebrate with you. God be with you and keep you safe. Love, Linda

  5. Grandkids will be here soon awaiting your arrival home to hear the stories of your wonderful adventure. Perhaps a flying nun will come to speed your last kilometers along highway 77.

  6. I don't plan to finish on my hands and knees, but these last kilometers are crawling by! Linda, what film was that John Wayne phrase from?