Saturday, June 5, 2010


We reached this town 20km outside of Burgos and the albergue is full. However they have an overflow room down the street and I get to sleep in a top bunk. 14 beds in a space the size of a normal bedroom. Two showers down the street for everyone-- about 30 men and women. And a place to hang the wash. What more could a pilgrim want? The photo is a view from my bunkbed. Time to go shower...
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  1. Got to say, truly admire your fortitude. What an amazing positive way to look at the situation. I would cave and find the nearest hotel. However, knowing you, you probably made a bunch of new friends and slept like a baby. Admirable!! Hope a good meal was in store for you and your friends. Deserved it. Anyway, more stories for your book. And, alittle closer to the goal. Prayers are always with you. Love, Leslie

  2. Bev, just read your comment thanking me. Truly, it is a real treat for me. Want you to know and feel the love and support. So, great that the message, I am trying to send, is coming thru. Fabulous what you are doing. I am journeying along with you...getting the side effects of your joys and experiences. Of course without the sore feet and exhaustion! xo L

  3. Bev I am impressed with your will power to continue. I always suspected a strong will but you are surpassing the expectations of many. I check on you every day but can not post a comment from my internet connection at home so must catch the library open to post a note. Your experience of having to leave your friend and then her returning to be with you has made me think of the friends God has placed in my life just at the right times, I can’t say that I understand the timing of their coming and goings but he sure has blessed me abundantly. Praying for wonderful weather, safe travels , and strong feet.

  4. Babs,
    Back from Memorial Day week-end and the subsequent re-grouping. Spent the week-end with 30 family members cooking and cleaning up. It is a long way to Burley, ID and a long way home. Joyce barely remembers Gene and is so confused about what is happening to her. My heart is filled with sorrow that her last days could not be spent some other way; but Rhonda is ill too and struggling herself. I am so glad you are taking this time to live your dream and doing the things that make you happy. You are surely deserving of this time for yourself. Have a good walk and remember how many friends and family there are that love you. Anda con Dios.

  5. GO-GIRL-GO! Your blog is beautiful and so characteristic of what a wonderful woman you are. We are all fine here and Warner even called home to tell Alex and me that he arrived at Ron's on his trip. How does it get any better?

  6. Hi Beverly! I have been reading your blog too.

    I especially enjoy the pictures.

    I asked Roger what he was doing while his wife making her pilgrimage. I don't know if you two planned the stuff together, so I will just say that he is keeping very busy while you are on your trek.

    To second what Roger said ... You go girl!