Monday, October 6, 2014

This morning we left our hotel in Akbel and the van let us off to walk an old Roman road down to Patara we passed through a little village and down a country road passing orchards of apples and quinces. An old man at one of the houses stopped us and began pulling apples off a tree in his yard to give us. "Ei bayrumlar!" we called to him. "Happy holiday!" We are in the fourth day of the Feast of Eid commemorating the substituting of the ram for the sacrifice of Isaac. It is a five day national holiday here. Lots of eating is going on with families gathering to share food among themselves and with the poor.

Here is the Roman road we walked.


  1. How is the trail compared to the El Camino? By any metric, it looks pretty tough and covered with potential ankle biters! Thanks for the more in depth report - enjoy the 'Holiday Spirit'!

  2. Five day national holiday? Wow must be nice. Bet it's nice to be around happy people for change!