Tuesday, October 7, 2014

There was rebellion in the ranks today with many of the ladies voting for time at the beach in Patara instead of another grueling walk to see Roman aqueducts.

We did do a tour of the ancient town of Patara in the morning. This photo is of the Agora or market square. But then we were ready to "beach it"!

Tomorrow Marlene and I say goodbye to Turkey and our newly-made friends: Amy, Ruth, Margie, Angela, Nancy, Brigitta, Barb, Cheryl, Larene, and Shirley. And to our best ever guide, Cenk, who was an angel to put up with this feisty group for seven days on the Lycian Way. Onward to Istanbul and Athens!

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  1. Oran Mor, this is your best blog yet - REBELLION IN THE RANKS - says everything! I must say, the beach picture indubitably trumps the grisly ‘up-the-hill-down-the-hill’ Special Forces trudge.