Saturday, October 4, 2014

Alinca to Akbel

Here we are standing among the ancient temples and tombs of Lycia in a small town named Sydima. Here we had a meal with a local family on their very special holiday known as the Feast of Eid in other countries and Kurban Bayrami in Turkey.


  1. Is that Marlene in the picture, and are you the one taking it? Also, will you please tell us about the food? We all want to know how well you are eating and if the food is wonderfully delicious.

  2. Oranmor, here is a little news from the land of the Bluegrass: the fireplace is on, the sky is crisp and clear, the river separating the Commonwealth from the Northern Yankee shines beautifully with just a hint of frost on the edges. In simple words - your Rivendell Cottage awaits you.

  3. That is a beautiful view above the Mediterranean! You are making Donnie and I very jealous