Thursday, September 6, 2012

Auld Reekie

Sleepy Street in Lindisfarne
We had a very long day of transport connections and had a snafu with the rental car which actually was a blessing. (We decided to pick it up on Saturday instead of today, since we really don't need a car in Edinburgh.)We are at a Bed and Breakfast called Auld Reekie after the old nickname for industrialized Edinburgh. It is on the third floor of a Queen Anne style townhouse in the "new town" (early 1700's). I am running low on megabytes, so I think I will sign off of my blog, and close the saga of the pilgrimage of the Way of St Cuthbert. Lindisfarne was everything we had hoped for-peaceful, spiritual, beautiful and holy. A place to renew the spirit. Now we have plunged back into the hurly burly of city life! Tomorrow we climb Arthur's Seat and explore the castle. Saturday we will pick up a car and go to St Andrew's. Then on to the west coast. I will send a note once in a while when I  can get some wireless. Cheerio!
Three ancient relics of something called a "telephone box"
In Edinburgh


  1. Oran Mor, it appears the pilgrimage is in the process of deteriorating into decadent fun. Actually, it is as Marlene predicted so wisely, “A few days walking with a little misery, followed by a week of luxurious pampering”. Go-Girl-Go! Sorry about the loss of megabytes, they are sneaky little devils aren’t they? Have fun – and truly rediscover St. Andrews! You must feel that you are returning to a home of long ago and far away. Everything is OK here.

  2. Oran Mor, there is a princess of the feline species that is missing you something terrible; she mopes around the hallway, but mostly sits in a certain overstuffed chair waiting for a one and only unique lap to hold her. Of course, I get the usual hiss and grumble, but alas in the wee hours, overcome by feline loneliness, she succumbs and lowers herself to snuggle with me and declaring her ownership of all her dominion.

  3. Miss you mom! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures in person! Anyway I can convince you to do a pilgrimage to Maryland soon?
    Love you!