Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fenwick (pronounced Fennick)

The view out our window
We are at a lovely Georgian style modern home B&B (big stairway up the center with rooms around like a gallery). Our windows look out to the sea far away and a tidy back garden with close cropped grass and many flowers swaying in the endless wind. Tomorrow we walk about three miles and then reach the sands we must cross on the Pilgrim Path to Lindisfarne.

St. Cuthbert's Cave
Today we saw St Cuthbert's Cave where monks took his body to escape the Viking raids on Lindisfarne. Then when we came up over a rise we saw the Holy Isle for the first time. Our own personal "Monto do Gozo"! The weather remains perfect. We have not used our ponchos except to sit on.


  1. Oran Mor, hooray for the two of you! It appears you are finally getting the trip you originally planned on having! Also, it looks like you broke the code on your new camera. Of course, other than your good health, dry feet and only using your ponchos for hinny comfort, the best news of all is, you found your journal. Go-Girl-Go….

  2. Thanks for your steady words of encouragement. I think I might have found a way to charge the batteries for the camera. I have a plug in for a car so we will see when I pick up the car tomorrow. We have another sunny day for our walk across the sands. I can hardly believe how lucky we are!