Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Turkish Adventure

Tomorrow I leave for Istanbul with my friend, Marlene. We will be joining 10 other ladies of a "certain age" including our indefatigable tour leader. Age will not deter us from scrambling up Baba Dag  and exploring the underground reaches of Cappodocia, nor from bargaining in the Grand     Bazaar or swimming in the Turquoise Mediterranean Sea. I intend to write a brief blog with a photo every day that I have a connection and perhaps fill it in with journal entries from my old fashioned written journal when I return home on October 11th. Merhaba!


  1. Oran,
    I pray you have fun at the bazaar and nothing in your travels becomes too bizarre! Have fun! So lucky to be the ‘man in your life’.

  2. Your Ladyship Oran Mor,

    Please grant to us a tale of mystery and adventure. We, who toil so diligently as new millennium wage slaves that do not have the means of international travel, are hungry for news of the real world beyond the borders of our fictional construct of the Entitlement Empire. Pray tell, did you not ascend to the heavens in a balloon filled with hot air?

    Please your Ladyship give us news of global inspiration!

    Your loving husband,