Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walking and Testing

Today I tried a walk over at Doe Valley. I tested out the idea of two pairs of socks, one thin that wicks away moisture under a regular pair of cotton socks. It seemed to work fine. Not sure if there was any difference. I didn't feel any hotspots on this walk, but did have a sensation of numbness in my left foot as I got toward the end of my walk, which turned out to be about 3.6 miles. I came across a sign on the road pointing to "The Johnson Cemetery". The fun part about walking is, you can just take a notion and go explore, and that is what I did. The path led in about a tenth of a mile and was very overgrown. I finally came across the cemetery, very neglected with fallen and broken and faded stones. There were Applegates, Fowlers, Wilsons, and Benhams, but nary a Johnson to be seen. The Benham plot was very sad. Seven smaller stones behind two large ones, of children a few days old to five years, some with only initials on them. These dated to the last half of the 1800's. Life was tough back then! My walk took about two hours, including my adventure in the cemetery. I keep a very relaxed pace, as this has been the advice from pilgrims. I only hope it will serve to get me in shape.

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