Friday, September 18, 2009

Reporting Back from my Travels

I have returned from my trip to a PEO Convention in San Diego and a visit to my sister in Utah. Two significant things related to my camino trek have come out of those travels. First, I was pondering the possibility of using my long walk to benefit a favored charity, and have decided that I would like to walk to benefit my favorite PEO scholarship, International Peace Scholarship (IPS). I thought it would be particularly a propos, since I hope to meet many women on my pilgrimage from many different lands. Perhaps we will talk about the importance of educating women, and I will have the opportunity to tell them about this wonderful $10,000 scholarship for women who are willing to return to their homeland to use their education to benefit their home country.

Secondly, while I was in Utah, I attempted to walk a great deal and found that walking in the high desert got me winded very quickly! I started to think about how high the altitude in the Pyrenees was, and whether I needed to take that into consideration in my preparations.At least I will have a heads-up on it.

Now I am back home, but about to leave again to visit my son in Seattle, (Fort Lewis), who is about to be deployed to Iraq. I am trying to keep up my walking, but it is difficult to maintain a challenging walk schedule while traveling. Things should settle down by mid-October, however.

My Utah visit included some white-water rafting in Moab. It was delightful! We met people from Belgium, Germany, England, and The Netherlands, as we floated down the Colorado River. When we returned to the Moab Adventure Center, I lucked out in buying a light-weight nylon pair of pants with zip-off legs from Ex-Officio, for 60% off! I am now testing them to see how quickly they dry.

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  1. You should have absolutely no problem in the Pyrenees - really not that high if you are passably fit!