Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poetry for the Road

A pilgrim blog quoted this from Wordsworth, an avid walker, who never walked the camino, however. This is from his Tintern Abbey:

Therefore let the moon
Shine on thee in thy solitary walk;
And let the misty mountain-winds be free
To blow against thee: and, in after years,
When these wild ecstasies shall be matured
Into a sober pleasure; when thy mind
Shall be a mansion for all lovely forms,
Thy memory be as a dwelling-place
For all sweet sounds and harmonies; oh! then,
If solitude, or fear, or pain, or grief,
Should be thy portion, with what healing thoughts
Of tender joy wilt thou remember me,
And these my exhortations!

I look forward to filling my "mansion" with many "sweet sounds and harmonies!"

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