Monday, October 5, 2009

Kentucky autumn morning

Oh, what a glorious morning! I could barely refrain from dancing down the road, (and why do I refrain, pray tell? Only for fear of what the neighbors would think. Sad, sad, sad.) My feet were light, my gait was sure, my ears were plugged in to Libera singing Be Still My Soul, and all was right with the world. Truly this was an hour walking meditation, or you might say "praying by foot.".
I am finding at this point that I feel I could walk on another hour or even two. However, the limitation is my feet. I just start developing "hot spots" on them after about an hour and a half. I hope this will go away as my feet toughen, but I don't want to risk blisters developing. Wednesday I am going to stop by a shop in Louisville called Fleet Feet to look for a product called "Blister Shield" which is a kind of silicone power that athletes swear by.

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  1. i say, your words, ideas, dreams, thoughts all seem so familiar & comforting. i once met a japanese fellow in india, who was walking barefoot around the world. he told me that's what everyone does: walk. my thought is that most of us are walking in our sleep. but that's okay, seems like we all wake-up when the alarm goes off.
    happy trails, peace & love. mn2nrg