Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eight Miles

I thought it was time to stretch my hour and a half walk, so I prepared my feet with moleskin where the hotspots tend to start (balls of my feet) and set out to walk the Freeman Lake trail. I wanted to do the loop twice which is just short of ten miles, but ran out of time before my Spanish lesson, and had to settle for eight miles. I remembered the first time I walked the loop and how very far it seemed, but now it's a snap! Still, eight miles is only a half of my future daily walk. Next week I hope to take a day and tackle fifteen miles: three times around the loop. If I can do it I will really be psyched! I've been carrying a light backpack with water and a snack. Eventually, I'll need to simulate carrying my 15 lb. load. That will add another dimension to the walk, for sure. This rainy weather will also help me "simulate" walking in the rain...You know about the rain in Spain, where it falls and all that, right?

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  1. Way to go mom! I love reading your blogs--you have such a comfortable writing style. Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us! love you,