Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming Home

In true camino fashion I met my last camino angels as I was attempting to get to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. I had to take a bus to a train to another train to a metro to the airport. On the train I met two camino friends, French retired teachers--Annie and Nicole-- who bought me a "petit dejeuner" (breakfast) at the end of the second very long train ride, and sent me on my way on the correct metro line to the airport. I would have probably figured it all out eventually myself, but what a comfort it was to have the guidance and the last camino goodbyes and kisses (cheek to cheek the way the French do!)
So here I sit waiting and hoping for a standby seat to Atlanta and then home. Was it real, or was it all a dream?
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  1. From now until your earthly body leaves this Telestial Kingdom, which many call mid-earth, you will always have this same question about this and about many events yet to come: “Was it real, or was it all a dream?” Thank you for sharing your amazing life with me.

  2. Not a really did it!! You are now prepared to travel the world in any way you choose. Train, plane, foot....And, to tackle all the problems that go with it. Guess that means that you are really ready for whatever life brings.
    Know I have thanked you before...but thank you, again, for the journey of a life time. Your feet did the walking, your eyes the seeing, but truly I got to feel the experience thru you. Your pictures and journal conveyed it all to those of us that followed you. I know that there must be a great sense of excitement, now, to get home to see your loved ones and tell them everything. Look forward to talking to you when you settle in. Safe trip home. Love, Leslie

  3. Beverly-
    I am so very proud of your wonderful accomplishment and journey. Is it about the journey, the goal, or rather, what you learn, see and do along the way?
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us.
    I hope we can get together when you return for a party and presentation of what you learned along your journey. How does the weekend of July 17th look, Friday night, Saturday or Sunday? I understand that you are not available the weekend before.
    Of course your children and grandchildren will need your time and energy, so whenever you think they can share you with us! They can come, too, of course!
    Call me when you have time.
    What a blessing it has been to all of us to have you among us...

  4. Well praise the strength of the Lord and my friend Bev, what a journey of a life time. Oh I just cannot tell you how excited I was to pray for you everyday, read your blogs everyday, and just think of your hard work and sacrifice to walk this path. I am hoping you are home by now. We love ya, Linda